When men and mountains meet, great things happen

William Blake
Arrival: availability Rooms from 15.00 to 20.00 (in addition to this time contact the property to arrange)
Departure: It is preferable that the rooms are vacated by 10.00 am (we can keep the luggage for the whole day free of charge)
Children:0/2 years free - 3/7 years discount 70% - 8/13 years discount 50%
Set stay 1 euro per person

Confirmation and reservation conditions:

Reservations are considered valid with the payment of the deposit which can be paid by wire transfer or credit card.

Reservations: all credit cards are accepted
Where we are
Via Pineta 23 - Falcade (Belluno)

Phone:0437 59 03 46
Cell Daniel:392 53 02 856
Always open


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